Balvenie 12YO American Oak

Inspired to produce an even fruitier, sweeter Balvenie, Apprentice Malt Master Kelsey McKechnie had the bright idea to import Virgin Oak barrels from Kentucky. After deep toasting them at The Balvenie Cooperage they were filled with Balvenie aged in ex-bourbon barrels. The result is a delectably complex whisky with notes of candied fruit, coconut and […]

Balvenie 12YO Doublewood

Aged in ex- bourbon casks before being finished in sherry casks, Double Wood is an excellent example of what the Balvenie distillery can craft, even at 12 years.

Balvenie 14YO Caribbean Cask

A terrific single malt from The Balvenie. This Speysider was initially aged in traditional oak casks before it was finished in casks which previously held Caribbean rum, imparting some extra sweetness and warmth to the whisky. In fact, to create it, Balvenie malt master David C. Stewart made his very own blend of West Indian rums, filled it into casks, and then eventually replaced the rum in said casks with Balvenie’s whisky!The fabulous result is a well-rounded whisky with notes of toffee, fruit and vanilla.

Balvenie 14YO Peat Week

The Balvenie Peated Triple Cask Aged 14 Years is the result of trials undertaken in 2001 by The Balvenie Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE and our former distillery manager Ian Millar. The trials were started at a time when few Scottish distilleries were producing any whisky at all due to a slowdown in the […]

Balvenie 16YO Triple Cask

The Balvenie Triple Cask range comprises of 12 year old, 16 year old and 25 year old single malt whiskies. It is created by combining The Balvenie that has matured in the three most traditional types of cask – first-fill bourbon, refill bourbon and sherry – in a large wooden vessel known as a marrying […]

Balvenie 21YO Madeira Cask

Over the five years since the successful but limited release of the 17 year old Balvenie single malt whisky which was matured in casks that held the Portuguese fortified wine of Madeira, David C. Stewart MBE has returned to the recipe at an even greater age. Matured in traditional oak casks for at least 21 […]

Balvenie 25YO Triple Cask

At the top of the Balvenie Triple Cask range sits the 25 Year Old. This incredible expression contains whiskies aged in traditional refill casks, first-fill ex-bourbon barrels and first-fill Oloroso Sherry butts, which have been matured for at least 25 years and allowed to marry for around six months in a marrying tun before being […]

Balvenie 30YO

The Balvenie Rare Marriages Range 30 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky showcases extraordinary layers of depth and complexity. The Balvenie Thirty is a flawless whisky marriage of unique individual flavor, while still capturing the signature characteristics of The Balvenie. A silky sweetness gives way to great depth of rich honey, mellow oaky tones and […]

Balvenie 40YO

Using some of the rarest casks that have been carefully matured in Traditional American and European Oak in The Balvenie warehouses, Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE creates to craft a bold marriage of extraordinary character. Rich and refined; intense honeyed oak and rich fruit create a complex layer of sweetness and spice; then warm […]

Balvenie 50YO

The release and launch of the Balvenie Fifty: Marriage 0614 is a whisky half a century in the making and the third in an acclaimed series of unique expressions of exceptional quality. It is a skilful marriage of seven fifty-year-old casks by The Balvenie Malt Master, David C Stewart MBE. Marrying casks which have passed […]

Balvenie Classic

Probably the finest highland malt whisky. Those were the words on the first ever bottle of The Balvenie Classic. This story is a celebration of David C. Stewart M.B.E.’s creativity and inventiveness, when he created The Balvenie Classic – and in doing so, pioneered wood finishing.