Category: Liqueur
Alcohol/Vol: 11%
Packing: , 100cl
Country: Italy
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When you hold a glass of Aperol to your nose, you’ll smell zesty orange with complex herbal scents, harmonised with a touch of vanilla.


At first taste, there’s an intense orange top with herbal and woody body notes that round out to be pleasantly bittersweet and salty.

Aperol feels velvety and rounded on the tongue, with lingering orange and woody notes.


There’s a mild bitterness with a hint of sweetness and herbal aftertaste that lingers at the back of the mouth.


Aperol is a bright orange, bittersweet apéritif liqueur with a low (11%) alcohol content. Aperol, like other apéritifs, is meant to stimulate the appetite and is typically consumed before dinner. Aperol is perhaps best known as the star ingredient of a popular cocktail, the Aperol Spritz.