Dewar’s 21YO Double Double

Category: Blended Whisky
Alcohol/Vol: 46%
Packing: , 50cl
Country: Scotland
Gift Box:

Red fruits with dark sherry and underlying spicy notes


Clean and light, with an elegant mouthfeel and slight savouriness


Blends beautifully with dominant red berries, deli counter richness and a spicy fruit and nut-rich finish


Winner of ‘World’s Best Blended’ and ‘Best Scotch Blended’ at the World Whiskies Awards 2021.

The Double Double range is the latest addition to the award-winning Dewar’s Family. The series comprises several small-batch, super-premium blended Scotch whiskies. Launched just before the holiday season, they’re sure to be on a few Christmas wish lists.

Dewar’s Double Double 21 Year Old was crafted by Stephanie Macleod (winner of ‘Blender of the Year’ at the International Whisky Competition two years running) using a pioneering four-step ageing process, hence the name. It has even been filled into a four-sided trapezoidal bottle with rounded edges to emphasise the quadruple maturation for ultimate smoothness

This limited-edition whisky is made of two components. The malt whiskies are aged in oak until they reach their required age, they are then mixed together and returned to cask. The same happens with the grain whiskies. Then, the malt whiskies and grain whiskies are combined, and once again returned to cask. Finally, the blend is finished in ex-Oloroso Sherry casks.

The Oloroso Sherry influence imparts nutty aromas, dried fruits, toasted notes, tobacco and an autumnal feel. Expect festive flavours of cinnamon, clove, fruitcake, buttery stollen and dried orange peel. Christmas in a glass, and hopefully in a stocking or two.