Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

Category: Wheat Beer
Alcohol/Vol: 5%
Packing: , 33cl
Country: France
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Kronenbourg is France’s best-selling super premium beer. It was created by Jerome Hatt in 1664 in Alsace, a region in Eastern France during the reign of King Loius XIV. It was during this period of prosperity that the young brewer set his seal upon the first barrel of beer and laid the foundations of Kronenbourg for centuries to come. For 300 years and more, Hatt and his descendants engaged in the same pursuit of excellence for premium beer.

It came as no surprise that in 1952, Kronenbourg decided to name its finest brew the Kronenbourg 1664. The Kronenbourg 1664 was created in honour of its founder Jerome Hatt and in recognition of this period that has become synonymous with France’s affinity for pleasure. It is the only premium beer inspired by one of the most flamboyant periods of the French “art de vivre”. The unveiling of this premium beer also coincided with the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne of England. Since its launch, Kronenbourg 1664 has maintained a highly distinctive brand positioning that leverages its quality, premium cues and also its French origin to deliver the promise of “The French Art of Pleasure in your beer moment”.