Remy Martin XO

Category: Cognac
Alcohol/Vol: 40%
Packing: , 5cl, 100cl
Country: France
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Wide spectrum of aromas of late summer fruit, combined with rich floral notes of white flowers such as jasmine.


The perfect expression of Fine Champagne opulence on the palate with mature flavors of juicy plums and candied oranges, with a hint of hazelnuts and cinnamon.


Rémy Martin XO Excellence, was created in 1981 by Rémy’s cellar master André Giraud (Rémy cellar master from 1960-1990). Rémy Martin XO is a Fine Champagne Cognac that blends eaux de-vie from the Grand (85%) and Petite (15%) Champagne growing crus in the Cognac region. Rémy Martin describes its XO as “the excellence of Cognac Fine Champagne.”

Rémy Martin XO is perhaps the centerpiece of the company’s strategy to capitalize on their dominance in the Petite and Grand Champagne cognac market. Along with its other Fine Champagne cognacs like their V.S.O.P (55% Grande Champagne/45% Petite Champagne) and 1738 Accord Royal (65% Grande Champagne/35% Petite Champagne) and 100% Grand Champagne cognac Louis XIII are Rémy’s fastest-growing products in China and the Americas.