Bottega Acino D’Oro Chianti DOCG 2020

Chianti is a well-known wine and one of the main symbols of the great Italian winemaking tradition. With the trademark Acino d’Oro, Bottega offers a niche product which satisfies even the most demanding palates.

Bottega Amarone Della Valpolicella DOCG 2017

Valpolicella is a land devoted to growing vines since ancient times: its name “vallis polis cellae” actually means “the valley of many cellars”. Here are grown indigenous vines like Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara, usedto produce important and unique red wines. Amarone DOCG,the noblest red wine of Valpolicella and one of the most important […]

Bottega Delle Venezie Pinot Grigio Rose DOC 2021

Pinot Grigio Rose is characterized by the coral pink and the floral perfumes. The harvest is slightly delayed, to assure a physiological ripeness of the grapes. They are hand picked in cases and vinified after a cold maceration that lasts 36 hours. This procedure, longer than the traditional one, grants a more intense color to […]

Bottega Fragolino Rosso Party

Fragolino is a wine-based drink with an unmistakable fruity aromaticity which reminds of fragrant wild strawberries. Thanks to its moderate alcohol content and pleasant sweetness, it is perfect at any time of the day and is a synonym for party and joy.

Bottega Gold Prosecco

Bottega Gold is a Prosecco D.O.C. Brut sparkling wine, obtained by the vinification in white of the Glera grapes, grown in the Valdobbiadene hills. This area is close to the Venetian Prealps and characterized by a climate perfect for this native variety of grape. The vineyards are located on a hilly territory that not only […]

Bottega Limoncino

Limoncino Bottega is produced exclusively with lemon from Sicily. The attractive packaging completes the profile of the product. The lemons from Sicily are characterized by the aromatic intensity. Once collected, are peeled by hand. The skins of the lemons are then let steep in alcohol and grappa. The result is a sweet liqueur, fragrant and […]

Bottega Millesimato

Bottega Brut Millesimato is a charming sparkling wine, obtained thanks to a specific oenological technique leading to the creation of bubbles and relevant perlage. Thanks to the bubbles, which stimulate the taste buds and enhance the perception of flavors, sparkling wines are versatile and easy to match.

Bottega Petalo Amore

This wine is a Moscato Spumante made with juicy grapes grown in the Euganean Hills area in the district of Padua. This is a thriving rose-growing area, so when the roses are flowering bees carry their subtle perfume to the nearby vineyards. One of the characteristics of this wine is then the unmistakable hint of […]

Bottega Pink Manzoni

MOSCATO SPUMANTE This rosé sparkling wine is characterized by its distinctive sweet taste. The bright pink painted bottle is fully part of the collection of glamour Bottega sparkling wines. The label, which depicts a rose in full bloom, evokes the aroma of the wine. The long and valuable work of selection performed in the first […]

Bottega Poeti Prosecco 2021

Vino dei Poeti is a name that evokes the way poets, artists and art lovers raise their glasses to toast the joy of being alive and drink their beloved light, fragrant sparkling wine. CHARACTERISTICS The grapes are carefully picked from mid-September in the vineyards cultivated with the sylvoz growing system, which is typical of this […]

Bottega Poeti Prosecco Extra Dry 2021

Il Vino dei Poeti Prosecco DOC is an extra dry sparkling obtained from Glera grapes, grown in the province of Treviso with classic, traditional techniques. Over time, their quality and typicality has remained unchanged. These are also the main features of Prosecco wine, the most renowned and sold wine worldwide.

Bottega Rose Brut

Il Vino dei Poeti is the prestigious brand evoking the joy  with which poets, artists and intellectuals toast to life with  sparkling wine, a light, fragrant and prestigious Italian wine. Il Vino dei Poeti Venezia DOC Rosé is a sparkling wine where  personality, freshness and liveliness meet a delicate and  captivating pink color, and an intense and persistent bouquet.  These […]

Bottega Rose Gold

Bottega Rose Gold is a pure pinot noir sparkling wine. Peach colored, distinctly flowery with a scent of mixed berries, Rose Gold is a fresh, harmonious and delicate wine; it goes very well as an aperitif or enjoyed with a vegetable oil dip and vegetarian dishes. PINOT NERO SPUMANTE BRUT Characteristics and production process: The […]

Bottega Soave Classico DOC 2017

Soave wine is named after the homonymous town founded by the Lombards, also known as Suaves. It is among the first Italian wines for which production area has been limited by a decree, in 1931, and is also the first DOC recognized in Veneto, when DOC “Soave Superiore” was acknowledged. The indication “Classico” is a […]

Bottega Star White Millesimato

Bottega Star White is a Millesimato sparkling wine obtained from the vinification of Moscato, Glera, Chardonnay and Pinot grapes. This wine has unique and new characteristics compared to other Bottega wines: new sugar content (demisec) and olfactory characteristics in which peach, tropical fruits and flowers stand out. The choice of these specific grape varieties was […]

Bottega Stardust Prosecco DOC

Bottega Stardust is a Prosecco DOC, obtained by the vinification of Glera grapes, grown on the Treviso hills. It is a product of immediate visual impact, as the green glass of the traditional bottle is entirely covered by a galaxy of crystals. The effect “stardust” makes especially shining the moment of the aperitif and of […]

Bottega Stella Blue Millesimato

Bottega Stella is a Extra Dry sparkling wine of great personality that originates from a special cuveé obtained from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Glera grapes. The bottle of great and immediate impact portrays a constellation on its surface. The blue background highlights the stars that shine intensely, thanks to the LED light bulb placed at […]

Bottega Stella Rosa Millesimato

Bottega Stella is a Extra Dry sparkling wine of great personality that originates from a special cuveé obtained from Millesimato blend of Glera & Raboso (red variety) with long fermentation charmat method. Pleasantly refreshing rosè with 17gr/sugar*Liter. The bottle of great and immediate impact portrays a constellation on its surface. The red background highlights the […]

Bottega Trevenezie Cabernet Sauvignon IGT 2021

Cabernet Sauvignon IGT delle Venezie is a powerful wine, full bodied and persistent on the palate. The grapes are generally harvested at the middle of October, pressed with elimination of stems (to avoid excessive astringency in the wine) and vinified in red: must an skins are left in contact for 10/15 days to allow the […]