Baron Otard VSOP

Category: Cognac
Alcohol/Vol: 40%
Packing: , 100cl, 300cl
Country: France
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The aroma is boldly floral with citrus leaves and vanilla.


Rich and creamy with the layered flavours melding between jasmine and elderflowers and wild limes coupled with ripe pears that blooms into a bouquet of wood spices and warm tobacco leaves.


Long and sweet with a gelding of the old world.


Aged far beyond the standard requirements for a Very Superior Old Pale, this Cognac has spent an average of 8-10 years in the lower vault of the grandiose Château de Cognac, biding its time in French Limousin oak casks. The 11th-century chateau provides the perfect cool and dry conditions for aging Cognac.

Thanks to the long maturation process, the VSOP develops a full-bodied and elegant character with heady notes of vanilla, subtle oak and tobacco.

Made solely with grapes grown in the prestigious Fine Champagne duo, and at least 50% from the Grande Champagne growth area, it is an extra special bottle to add to your collection.

The castle itself holds the secrets to years of Cognac production deep within its cellars, after being established by Baron Jean-Baptiste Otard in 1795 who went on to become mayor of the region just nine years later.

It is the only royal chateau in the Cognac region and narrowly avoided being destroyed during the French Revolution.

Baron Otard are masters of Cognac production, particularly their Otard distillery, with its fascinating history that dates back to the Middle Ages.