Beefeater Dry

Category: Gin
Alcohol/Vol: 40%
Packing: , 75cl
Country: U.K.
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Aromas from the botanicals used: juniper, orange peel, lemon and grapefruit, coriander, licorice, angelica root, iris root, almond, Japanese Sencha tea and Chinese green tea.


Notable taste of alcohol and citrus and licorice on the palate


A quintessential London dry gin made with big juniper character and strong citrus notes, this is an authentic London dry for those that enjoy the real taste of gin.
In James Burrough’s original recipe from the 1860s, nine “botanicals” or natural ingredients are essential in revealing Beefeater Gins character.

The natural ingredients, including Seville orange and lemon peel, whole juniper berries, angelica seeds, coriander and almonds, are steeped for 24 hours before being distilled. This procedure makes it possible to create a perfectly balanced and full-flavoured gin.

This steeping and distillation method remains virtually unchanged today, following the secret recipe invented by James Burrough. Beefeater is the only international Premium Gin to still be distilled at the heart of the British capital, at the Kennington distillery, on the southern bank of the Thames.