Bulldog Dry

Category: Gin
Alcohol/Vol: 40%
Packing: , 100cl
Country: U.K.
Gift Box:

Piney juniper with floral lavender, musky nutty angelica and lime zest.


Pleasingly dry yet soft with piney woody juniper rightly to the fore, generous nutty angelica and mellow black pepper spirity spice.


Well-balanced botanical elements give character and structure. Lingering nutty angelica and cracked black pepper.


Bulldog Gin may be “English,” but the botanical blend and influence is from a vastly different part of the world:

The Longan (or more dramatically Dragon Eye) is a small fruit similar to a Lychee native to Southeastern Asia. Believes to have a relaxing character in traditional medicine, it’s also common in modern Asian cuisine in soups and desserts. Lotus Leaves are another traditional medicine said to keep one’s heart healthy. The leaves are often drank as if a tea. And then there’s Poppy. More than just a bagel topping, it has healing abilities as well.