Dewar’s 36YO Double Double

Category: Blended Whisky
Alcohol/Vol: 46%
Packing: , 50cl
Country: Scotland
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Leather, oak, Coconut, Spices, and Golden caramel


Vanilla, Spices, Golden ripe peaches, Candied citrus, and a hint of Smoked oak.


Smooth, with more Coconut notes which fade away to leave you with a lingering taste of Apricots, Caribbean spices, Toasted oak, and Sticky dates.


Welcome to our precious limited edition bottle of Dewar’s, Double Double 36 Year Old,  a whisky Stephanie J Macleod personally created for ultimate smoothness using Dewar’s pioneering four stage aging process.

A carefully selected range of Speyside, Highland and Islay Single Malts have then been aged for over 36 Years and then blended together and finished in Madeira Casks to create a velvety smooth blended malt whisky.

Dewar’s Double Double 36 Year Old blended malt whisky has flavour notes of ripe peaches, coconut oil and vanilla, all enveloped in a smooth and creamy texture that is both balanced and complex.