Category: Gin
Alcohol/Vol: 47%
Packing: , 100cl
Country: U.K.
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Creamy, candied citrus and fruit peel aromas.


Very smooth on the palate with a good balance of fresh botanicals, spicy juniper, and sweet ripe citrus fruit.


Finishes with a smooth, warming peppery fade.


Broker’s Gin is a true London Dry Gin made in a 200-year-old distillery located in the heart of England, using a traditional copper pot still. The internationally sourced botanicals are steeped for 24 hours in a quadruple-distilled pure grain spirit, which is then distilled for a fifth time. With a recipe as old as the distillery itself, this celebrated brand was the first gin ever awarded a score of 97 at the prestigious Ultimate Spirits Challenge.
A True London Dry
Broker’s prizes taste over ornamentation and relies 100% on the quality of hand-selected ingredients and skill of the distiller, not on added flavours. That’s what makes Broker’s a true London Dry Gin
Quadruple-Distilled English Wheat Base Spirit
Before we infuse our base spirit with juniper and other natural botanicals, it goes through four distillation processes in our traditional copper pot still, resulting in a pure foundation on which we build our signature London Dry flavour.
Natural Hand-Selected and Internationally-Sourced Botanicals
The Broker’s Gin recipe incorporates ten natural botanicals from around the world:
Bulgarian juniper and coriander seed, Madagascan cinnamon, Chinese cassia bark, Polish angelica root, Italian orris and liquorice, Caribbean nutmeg, and Spanish lemon and orange peels.
Botanicals Steeped for 24 Hours
The botanicals used to form Broker’s distinguished flavour are steeped for 24 hours in the pure grain spirit, a process which brings smoothness to their complexity.