Montezuma Triple Sec

Category: Liqueur
Alcohol/Vol: 15%
Packing: , 75cl
Country: USA
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Take advantage of the famous name of our Montezuma tequila! Montezuma Triple Sec is made from the dried peel of oranges.

The liqueur’s name is derived from a French term. “Sec” is usually known as the French term for the word dry, although when it comes to the liqueur, the term actually means distilled. Therefore, Montezuma Triple Sec is distilled 3 times to achieve its strong, sweet and colorless orange flavored liqueur.

Triple Sec has been a popular ingredient used in drink recipes for more than 150 years. It is an irreplaceable component in mixology and cocktail culture and may be drunk neat as a digestif or on the rocks. Montezuma Triple Sec is a certain seller as it can be used as a key ingredient in the making of popular margarita cocktail such as the Margarita, White Lady and Cosmopolitan.