Remy Martin Reserve Cellar No.28

Category: Cognac
Alcohol/Vol: 40%
Packing: , 100cl
Country: France
Gift Box:

Rich with candied fruits, notes of plum, raisins and hazelnut, lifted by honey.


Velvety texture, opulent offering a mellow mouthfeel and soft yet lengthy finish. A complex finish of candied fruits.


Long with spices, fruits and peels.


Exclusive to Travel Retail, Rémy Martin Reserve Cellar Selection Cellar N°28 is a silky cognac with rich candied fruit notes. It is a Fine Champagne cognac from the prestigious crus of Petite and Grande Champagne, which form the essential identity of all Rémy Martin cognacs.

Rémy Martin Reserve Cellar Selection Cellar N°28 is derived from an underground cellar that has always been the Cellar Masters’ ultimate reserve for the finest eaux-de-vie, housing the treasures with the greatest ageing potential. These eaux-de-vie are able to benefit from the cellar’s almost constant humidity and temperature levels, which together provide perfect ageing conditions. Using mostly old casks is essential, as they confer silky notes of candied fruit to the eaux-de-vie and create a truly exceptional cognac.