Sailor Jerry

Category: Rum
Alcohol/Vol: 46%
Packing: , 100cl
Country: Caribbean
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The very strong aromas of baking spices are punctuated by roasted caramel and oak.


The palate is all over the place with heat, black pepper, cinnamon, and black cherry. These flavors dart across the tongue, never quite intersecting or jiving with one another.


The finish is strangely bitter and tannic.


The father of old-school tattooing, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins was a true classic in every sense of the word. A tough old sea dog with a shrewd intellect Jerry excelled at a unique style of tattoo art that symbolised an important time in American History and created an artistic legacy that is still felt today. A master craftsman, his artistry and integrity remain timeless as does the spirit that bears his signature. Created in his honour, Sailor Jerry spiced is all about the blend. We carefully select rums from the finest Caribbean distilleries and blend them with our own recipe of natural spices and flavours. The result is bold and smooth, made with the same sense of craft that Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins applied to his own work. Today the rum is enjoyed around the world by people who like its classic taste and what it stands for.