Monkey 47 Sloe

Category: Gin
Alcohol/Vol: 29%
Packing: , 50cl
Country: Germany
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Very aromatic and complex nose. Huge fruit notes and quite a good deal of juniper too.


A mix of earthy, tangy juniper with rich, sweet red berries. Very refined and balanced. Hints of almond.


Nutty, tart finish.


The superbly packaged Monkey 47 Sloe gin is a peppery, tangy, complex spirit made by macerating Black Forest sloes in spirit for three months.
Distilled in small batches, this Schwarzwald sloe gin is a true Monkey 47, but nevertheless a whole different one.
This masterfully handcrafted and unfiltered sloe gin is unique in its complexity whilst reflecting great British traditions and the wildness of the Black Forest.