Tarantula Azul

Category: Liqueur
Alcohol/Vol: 35%
Packing: , 5cl, 75cl
Country: USA
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The World’s Best Citrus Flavoured Tequila!
Tarantula Azul is the world’s most unique, smooth tasting and stunning blue premium tequila with a smooth citrus twist. Made from 100% blue agave tequila, it is blended with natural orange and infused with natural lemon and lime citrus flavor. This adds a zesty and citrus twist with subtle lemon aromas to the traditional tequila cocktails; combining the entire flavor of Tequila but with a refreshing zest of citrus.
Wet, wild and wicked nothing turns up the heat like Tarantula! Enjoy those hot days and hotter nights in style, with a wicker blend of Tequila and the finest natural citrus liqueur. Tarantula Azul is sure to satisfy even the wicked tongues.