Absolut Citron

Absolut Citron is made exclusively from natural ingredients, unlike the case with many other flavoured vodkas, contains no added sugar. In short: Absolut Citron is soft and ripe, fresh and fruity with hints of lemon and lime and lemon zest notes. The main ingredients are Absolut Vodka Absolut Citron and lemon flavour. Although lemon is […]

Absolut Elyx Flare

Absolut Elyx is a true luxury vodka, built on the principles of quality, integrity and craftsmanship, distilled in a manually operated vintage copper still from 1921. The result is an award winning vodka with a rich and smooth mouth feel. We call it liquid silk. Perfect for your martinis or even on the rocks.

Absolut Extrakt

A celebration of its Swedish heritage, Absolut Extrakt is a modern interpretation of the traditional Swedish ‘snaps’, combining Absolut Vodka with the warming, spicy flavour of green cardamom and other secret ingredients. Folks have been infusing alcohol with spices, herbs and plant extracts for hundreds of years, and typically would drink a beverage such as […]

Absolut Grapefruit

Absolut Grapefruit brings the refreshing taste of pink grapefruit to the highly refined and ever-popular range of Absolut flavored vodkas. With natural grapefruit flavor and no added sugar, Absolut Grapefruit lends a balanced sweetness to any citrusy cocktail. This vodka is produced in the same facilities that Absolut has used for over a century in […]

Absolut Kurant

The story behind the name Absolut Kurant is black currant, a typical Swedish berry from which the flavor is taken. When launched in 1992 it was a tribute to the Swedish origin of Absolut Vodka. Originally it was even supposed to be called Absolut Vinbär since the Swedish word for black currant is vinbär. Only […]

Absolut Lime

Since the launch of Absolut Lime, with its natural and not overly-sweet flavor, bartenders and “trytobees” at home have one less thing to think about when trying to impress their guests with that perfectly balanced drink. Cheers to another citrus sibling that brings to both classic and new drinks a unique character! While we’re on […]

Absolut Mandrin

Absolut Mandrin Mandarins. Sweet, easy-to-peel little things. And less of a hassle than oranges.No need to cut them in slices. Or peel them for ages. Or eat them with a napkin and then never get rid of the stickiness, no matter how many times you wash your hands.Yes, we have a thing for mandarins and […]

Absolut Mango

Absolut Mango was introduced in 2007. The flavor, quite obviously, is based on mango – a word that’s more or less the same world wide. That in combination with the juicy taste, might very well be the reason behind the instant world wide success.

Absolut Original

ABSOLUT’s history began in the 19th century with the extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit of one man, Lars Olsson Smith. In his twenties, he already controlled one-third of vodka sales in Sweden, a country where vodka production is a tradition. Absolut Vodka was first launched in New York in 1979. It soon became the talk of the […]

Absolut Peach

Related to cherries and apricots, the peach is loved for its fuzzy skin and sweet taste. But, as beautiful as it is, peaches occur too seldom in drinks. So, we made Absolut Apeach back in 2005 to change that and it soon found its following around the world. Absolut Apeach is the true master of […]

Absolut Pears

Introduced in 2007, Absolut Pears is quite a newcomer in the Absolut family. And as with all talented rookies, the audience soon took it to their hearts. Probably because it’s such a good alternative to other overly sugared alternatives around.

Absolut Peppar

Absolut Peppar was introduced in 1986, seven years after Absolut Vodka. Aside from being the first family-flavored vodka, it was also the first flavored vodka in the world. And why pepper? Since vodka and pepper are the main ingredients of Bloody Mary, it seemed a good idea to make it easy to work in the […]

Absolut Raspberri

Since wild raspberries are often found in the Swedish hillsides, nothing could be more natural than introducing Absolut Raspberri. And so it was in 2004, 25 years after the introduction of Absolut Vodka.

Absolut Ruby Red

Absolut Ruby Red was introduced in 2006, following the success of the other citrus flavors, Absolut Citron and Absolut Mandrin. The name Absolut Ruby Red is taken from a special kind of red grapefruit. And grapefruit is of course what it tastes like!

Absolut Vanilia

Absolut Vanilia was introduced in 2003. Basically because vanilla is one of the most beloved flavors in the world. And it wasn’t long until that fact was reinforced through the instant success of Absolut Vanilia it is almost equally popular as vanilla itself.